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New GRE format brings additional test prep resources from the Honors Club

By Arete contributor Amber Thompson

Are you planning on pursuing a degree in graduate school?  Do you need help finding a place to start?  The Honors Club Student Planning Board is sponsoring study sessions for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in March to help students become familiar with the new format of the exam and learn valuable test-taking strategies.  The GRE revised General Test, as it was renamed on August 1, 2011, is the most popular and widely accepted graduate admissions test in countries around the world.  The test provides students with the opportunity to apply for graduate and business school.

The GRE revised General Test is extremely important to college students because it serves as the gateway to post-graduate opportunities.  Because so many students graduate from the Honors College at WKU have studied abroad at least once, the fact that the GRE revised General Test is accepted across the globe is a vital detail.  The widespread use of this exam, combined with the taste of international learning that the Honors College provides, allows for a wide range of graduate school opportunities.

The first step toward reaching these lofty goals is to do well on the exam itself, a process that can be enhanced with the help of attending a GRE study session.  These study sessions will focus on familiarizing test takers with both the new format and content of the exam, according to Sarah Kinnicutt, a member of the Honors Club Student Planning Board and coordinator for the study sessions.  The Educational Testing Service, the company that created the GRE, explains that the new test has three different sections that evaluate verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing that measure a student’s readiness to achieve highly at the graduate level.

Each of these topics, along with test-taking tips and other content, will be discussed during the study sessions held in the study room in Bates-Runner Hall on March 20th and 28th, and April 5th and 9th at 7 pm.  The opening session on March 20 will be administered by Dr. Audra Jennings, the Director of the Office of Scholar Development.  Kinnicutt hopes that by offering sessions on different nights of the week, more students will be able to attend at least one of the sessions.  These study sessions are free and highly encouraged for all Honors students who plan on taking the GRE this year.


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