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Honors club hosts ice cream social

Arete contribution submitted by Abby Ponder

Entering college life may seem daunting at times. There are new and unfamiliar faces and many strange new places. The upperclassmen can be a little intimidating, too. This is where the Honors Club Student Planning Board enters the picture. The Club is an organization dedicated to “creat[ing] enjoyable experiences through service, community and development by providing meaningful opportunities for Honors Club members.”  The Club also provides students within the Honors College at WKU a way to grow closer to their peers and faculty.

On September 12th, the Honors Club started the year off with a tasty treat by hosting an Ice Cream Social for all Honors scholars. The social presented new students with the opportunity to not only get to know some of their classmates, but also the chance the meet some of the upperclassmen.

The event was hosted on Bates-Runner Hall’s front lawn with tremendous assistance from students in the Honors Club and the hall director, Jorge Wellmann. The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity provided music and the ice cream was donated by Chaney’s Dairy Barn. The ice cream wasn’t the only attraction; students were encouraged to talk, dance, and play a little corn toss.

According to Honors Club member, Emily Gott, “The event turned out even better than planned! We had bowls and spoons for 200 people and we ran out of them within 40 minutes. I would say we had around 250 people, which is way more than we have ever had before!”

The Honors Club puts on a wide variety of events throughout the year, with a wide range of activities: There was also a movie night on October 23rd, the upcoming Fall Mix-n-Mingle, the Thrift Shop Bop on Friday, November 9th, and many others. (Further details will be announced closer to the event dates.) For students looking to get involved, attending some of the programs is a great place to start!

With the tremendous success of the Ice Cream Social, it’s safe to say that the 2012 Honors Club is off to a great start.

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