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Honors homecoming candidate

Arete contribution by Kali O’Rourke

The weekend of October 20 was filled with homecoming festivities, and The Honors College at WKU was proud to be represented by their homecoming candidate, Jessie Parks.

Parks is a senior from Bowling Green, Ky., and is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Biology. She intends to go to graduate school and earn a doctorate in Psychology to eventually become a professor in the field because “it’s a fascinating subject.”

For now, she keeps busy as a student worker in the Office of the President and helps run HonorsToppers meetings as their Coordinator of Membership. She is also a Harlaxton alumna.

In order to become the Honors College’s Homecoming Queen candidate, Parks was nominated by her peers, and was then selected during a voting process by the entire Honors College community.

“It’s an honor to be considered a representative of the Honors College,” Parks said when she asked about being nominated, “and I want to do my best to represent the Honors College at WKU.”

In the weeks leading up to Homecoming, Parks and the other candidates underwent a series of interviews, which decided the eventual Homecoming Queen. Parks clarified the most exciting part about the process was meeting, “some of the outstanding women on our campus”.

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