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Members of the Honors College Parents’ Advisory Council receive volunteer award

Arete contribution submitted by Amber Thompson

Western Kentucky University takes pride in the fact that it is an “American University with International Reach,” but countless volunteers from WKU also reach out to their communities within the United States.  Each year during homecoming week, WKU recognizes its outstanding alumni volunteers at the Summit Awards.  The recipients of this year’s Summit Awards were Greg and Becky Jones, a couple from Fort Wright, Kentucky.

The Jones’ are among the inaugural members of the Honors College Parents’ Advisory Council (PAC), where they are able to “get a glimpse of the opportunities that are available to all of the Honors students,” according to Mrs. Jones.  She also states that the most impactful aspect of their position on the PAC is being able to see how the lives of students are being shaped through unique experiences that are only available to them through the Honors College.  Both she and Greg remarked that meeting with such accomplished students is awe-inspiring, and they feel as if they are still learning “so much more about the University and the Honors College than [they are] able to give back.”

Mr. Greg Jones, WKU class of 1977 graduate and proud Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity alum, has cultivated a rich history with the university and the community of Bowling Green.  The Jones’ family ties with WKU are strengthened further through their daughter Jordan, a Gatton Academy alumnus currently studying at WKU. Jordan commented on her parents’ recent recognition saying, “I am always amazed at how hardworking and dedicated my parents are; they have made their involvement in the Honors College and WKU a priority in their already busy schedules… I am more and more proud every day to call myself their daughter.”

While Greg and Becky Jones are inspirations to their daughter, they also try to encourage all students to become involved within their community.  When asked what she would say to current students who want to become more involved in serving the community, Mrs. Jones enthusiastically replied, “Just say, ‘YES. Yes, I want to be involved!’  You will never know what you can learn, what you can achieve, or how you can be changed until you take that first step.”  These words of wisdom ring true for all Honors students.  The Jones family is proof that service to the community does not have to stop once you have been handed a diploma; it can be a lifelong dedication that will provide unending opportunities for growth.

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