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Coming to an inbox near you!

Arete contribution submitted by Kali O’Rourke

The Honors Weekly Digest aims to spread the word about campus and community events. Destiny Savage, the External Relations Graduate Assistant for the Honors College, compiles a list of upcoming events and discusses them in the Digest each week.

Although sponsored by the Honors College, the Digest does not only inform students of Honors College events. Savage also includes Office of Scholar Development, WKU, and community events.

“There can be a disconnect between Honors College students and WKU as a whole,” Savage said, and she hopes the Digest can help bridge that gap, encouraging Honors students to be more involved on campus and in the community.

According to Savage, when students are more involved and connected, they are more likely to stay at WKU all four years. Through the Digest, she wants to provide the means for this connection by letting students “know about opportunities,” especially in the city of Bowling Green.

The key to achieving this goal is cross-promotion of different events. Savage said that if people see information for events in multiple places they are more likely to go to them and to know who to contact with questions.

She stressed that Bowling Green and WKU offer the same opportunities as “big” schools with fun and interesting things to do. She hopes that students will become “immersed in the culture here in Bowling Green” and will ultimately “feel like they’re at home.”

The Honors Weekly Digest comes out via the Honors email list every Monday.

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