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Office of Scholar Development assists students in applying for scholarships

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The Office of Scholar Development (OSD) is one of many resources for students at Western Kentucky University – particularly those interested in studying abroad. It is a service that provides assistance for students looking to fund their travels but aren’t sure where to begin.

According to their mission statement, they are “committed to helping students on all campuses and in all majors and degree programs develop the vision, experience, and skills to be independent, engaged scholars. . . [encouraging] research and creative activities and [helping] WKU students achieve locally, nationally, and internationally.” OSD works to assist students throughout the scholarship process. Student worker, Drew Mitchell, says about OSD, “From first-hand experience, these services make the national scholarship applications process much more bearable. Instead of tackling a huge project all on your own, it is much nicer to know that there are some other people on your side who will support you.” The scholarships provided can range from the Fulbright Scholarship, the Mitchell Scholarship, and the Goldwater Scholarship – to a variety of other options.

The first step in contacting OSD is to schedule an appointment with one of their advisers. OSD can be found in the Honors Annex (located behind the Honors College building) and reached at (270) 745-5043 or, by email, at osd@wku.edu to schedule an appointment and should come prepared with a general idea of what they hope to accomplish at the meeting.

For students interested in studying abroad in the near future, do not hesitate to contact OSD as soon as possible. There are a variety of scholarship opportunities available; however there are constant deadlines that must be met. The sooner you are able to meet with them, the better. It is an asset, especially within the Honors College, that students should explore to its fullest potential.

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