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Honors summer course offered in England

Arete contribution submitted by Kali O’Rourke

This summer, England could be your classroom. The course will last from May 27 to June 10, students will learn about the state of religion in England. Half of the course will focus on the highlights of England’s religious history, and the other half will be spent on England’s religious practices today.

Clay Motley, the Associate Director of the Honors College and co-professor of the class, says the students will receive an “understanding of how England got to its current state” by reading religious-themed works. The readings will orient the students to the places they will see on their trip.

For the first week, students will study at Harlaxton College with near daily trips to such cities as Lincoln, Stamford, Oxford, and Peterborough. The second week will take place outside Harlaxton with trips to York, Whitby, and London.

“Abstract learning can’t replace the in-person experience of a place,” Motley says and believes this experience will surprise and delight the students by making England “more tangible and relevant.”

Course work will include class discussions and journal entries with the readings done in advance.

To learn more, contact Motley (clay.motley@wku.edu) or Larry Snyder (lawrence.snyder@wku.edu). To enroll in the course, complete the application online through the Study Abroad office.

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