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Cody Hutchins, C.Y. Tung Scholarship Recipient

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One of the many study abroad opportunities that the Honors College at WKU presents is Semester at Sea. Through WKU’s partnership with the University of Virginia, students in this immersive experience can travel the world on a luxury cruise ship. The program takes students to various destinations, ranging from Japan, China, Vietnam, Ghana, and many other countries.

Recently, an Honors College junior, Cody Hutchins, was awarded the C.Y. Tung Scholarship of $20,000 that will be a tremendous help with funding for his Semester at Sea trip. The scholarship provides an opportunity to “[focus] on the socio-cultural, policy and economic interactions between Chinese and Americans to prepare future leaders to better understand each other’s cultures and work together for mutual benefit …  [intending] to build on, and to fulfill, program founder C.Y. Tung’s original vision for shipboard education.”

Hutchins, a native of Mount Washington, KY, cites his experiences with the Chinese Flagship Program as a tremendous tribute to his success  –the C.Y. Tung Scholarship requires students to be working in the area of Chinese studies.  “Receiving the scholarship really made all the long nights and hard work within the Chinese Flagship Program worth it, Hutchins says. “There is no way I would have received the scholarship had I not been a Flagship student, with the experience in the program.”

Hutchins first discovered the scholarship from his Phi Gamma Delta brother, Clay Simpson, who wholeheartedly encouraged him to apply. The rest is history. He will depart from San Diego, CA, in early January 2013 and his studies will last for the entire spring semester. As an International Business major, the voyage will serve as a fantastic learning experience and a phenomenal starting point for life after graduation. The Honors College is proud to send one of its scholars aboard ship and congratulates Cody on his accomplishment.

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