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The Honors Salon

Wolfgang Brauner, an advisor at the Honors College will be hosting a monthly discussion group beginning in February. The Honors Salon will explore and discuss various ideas, beginning with the question- “Is Google Making Generation F Stupid, Smarter, or Neither?” This discussion may somewhat overlap with Brauner’s colloquium course- The Web’s Impact on our Mind and Future.

While living in Boston, Brauner hosted a similar group that discussed books for almost ten years. Brauner is looking forward to bringing a group together composed of both student and faculty in an informal, off campus setting (the Salon will be held in his home). He explained that he thinks it’s important for students to see their professors in a different context, besides just in the classroom, and wants this to be an interactive experience.

Brauner also clarified that the discussions will be very open. The future topics will be determined by what the group wants to discuss and he wants the students, professors, and himself to all be seen as equals at the Salon. As of now, future topics could include anything from how our emotions affect our decisions to a professor coming to the salon and discussing their area of expertise.

Brauner mentioned that people don’t discuss ideas enough. We spend our days talking about our plans, what we’re having for lunch, and what we did yesterday instead. The Honors Salon has been created to encourage everyone to come together and play around with ideas and “think about thinking”.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Honors Salon. The first meeting will be February 7th, drinks and snacks will be provided. If you’re interested in attending, email Wolfgang Brauner at wolfgang.brauner@wku.edu. For more information about The Honors Salon, including recommended readings for the first discussion; visit the Honors Advising blog at http://honorsadvising.blog.wku.edu/community/honors-salon/.

(A Reading of Moliere, Jean Francois de Troy, ca. 1728)

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