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Winter Term offers the perfect time to study abroad

If you’re dying to study abroad but don’t have time during the summer or semester, studying abroad for Winter Term may be the perfect solution. Though vastly underrated, studying abroad during Winter term is said to be one of the most economical and rewarding study abroad opportunities available.

In fact, according to Sarah Fox, who recently studied abroad in Cuba during Winter term, “the trip was affordable, well planned financially, and worth every penny.” Fox received several scholarships, which cut down the cost to nearly half the original price. Sarah Fox recommends studying abroad during winter term to everybody: “It was such an amazing way to get to see new parts of the world and expand your horizons. Anywhere! Anytime! Just go!”

There are many sources to attain study abroad grants or scholarships through. The WKU Honors College, DELO, WKU SGA, and WKU WorldTopper provide some of the most common scholarships and grants.

Despite the fact that it is a somewhat shorter course of studying abroad, ranging from 2-3 weeks, it does offer the same array of unforgettable experiences as any other study abroad trip.

Many of the trips are faculty-led, which allows credit to be earned in both major fields and general education, as well as honors credit. No matter what your interests or field of study, there is always a study abroad program to suit it.

The best way to obtain information about study abroad is through the Study Abroad office. Also, check with your professor to learn more about Faculty led study abroad opportunities.

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