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Honors scholars to travel to Ecuador for spring break

Over Spring Break Dr. David Coffey will be traveling to Ecuador with a group of scholars, including six Honors scholars. Coffey will be teaching a twelve-day course entitled Developmental Issues in Highland and Amazonian Ecuador (AGRI 475).  During their time abroad, the group will travel to Quito, Otavalo, Pillaro, Ambato, and Puto, Ecuador. They will be exploring the differences between American and Ecuadorian sustainability, food production, and infrastructure, along with the economic and political issues relating to those topics.

Each Honors scholar is planning to add an Honors twist to their study abroad experience.  Loren Gross, a junior Agricultural Education major, plans to write a comparative paper contrasting the equine industry in Ecuador and in the United States. “I honestly feel I need to take any opportunity I can to be as well versed in Agriculture as possible, or I would be doing a disservice to my future students,” said Gross.

Matt Frazier, a sophomore Biology major with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy, is also augmenting this course.  Frazier explains that even though this course does not apply directly to his major, he is “definitely looking forward to this incredible experience.”  Matt will be able to apply the experience to his own field of study through his Honors augmentation.

Alex Hezik, a freshman with a self-designed Sustainability major, comments on the fact that this course relates directly to her major.  She is most interested in the adventurous aspects of the course, such as sampling the local cuisine.  “One thing I’m really looking forward to is potentially getting to try guinea pig while I’m in Ecuador,” she explains.

In the upcoming week, these scholars will experience various aspects of what Ecuador has to offer, from learning about the sustainability and production of agriculture to sampling the local cuisine. This study abroad adventure will surely be an academically and culturally enriching experience.

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