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Semester at Sea has changed Hutchins forever

Hutchins on top of a pagoda in Burma.

Cody Hutchins, a junior Honors Scholar is currently studying abroad on Semester at Sea. Below, Hutchins provides details about his journey so far.

What a crazy adventure Semester at Sea has been! Thus far I have traveled to Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Burma, India, Mauritius, and in one day I will be cage diving with Great White sharks in South Africa! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how amazing this trip has been, and I can already say that it has been the most impactful experience of my life.

I’ve visited ancient temples in Japan, watched the sunset over 1000s of Burmese pagodas, lived with a family in India, and I even rode an ostrich in Vietnam. Every single country has so many lessons to learn and so much to offer that it is honestly quite hard to take it all in. It seems like yesterday I was sitting in Japan talking with the Japanese ambassador for China, but in reality it was 2 months ago. Nonetheless I would not change a single second of this voyage because there is absolutely no other way to learn so much about the world in a single semester.

Whenever I’m not in ports I am on the ship with a community of more than 600 college students as well as world leaders like Nobel Prize Winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. On top of this I have also been fortunate to be able to participate in an entrepreneurship program with mentors such as Tom Chi, Experience Lead at Google X, Kamran Elahian, founder of 4 different billion dollar companies,  Daniel Epstein, one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 30 entrepreneurs before age 30, and many more! In fact, last night I actually was able to sit down and meditate alongside Kamran Elahian.

Overall Semester at Sea has been nothing short of the experience of a lifetime! Everyday holds new adventures and learning opportunities that simply cannot be found by staying within the borders of the United States. God has definitely blessed me immensely by placing me on this ship, and I will never forget the memories tat I have made while circling the globe. Semester at Sea has changed my life forever.

Arete contribution submitted by guest blogger, Cody Hutchins

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