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Study abroad creates a unique learning experience for Hovee

Here’s another piece from Nate Hovee, an Honors scholar studying in Turkey.

Study abroad turns academics into exciting adventures, social interactions into global connections, and future ambitions into possibilities without borders. The experience turns a foreign world into an unforgettable experience, one that will have a lasting impact on any student’s life. After studying abroad in England, New Zealand, and now Turkey, I have come to realize just how incredible and beneficial these overseas opportunities truly are. In short, studying abroad allows me to be the ambitious “Worldtopper” I’ve always wanted to be.

One thing I love about studying abroad is the amount of academic work I’m able to customize and tailor to my specific goals. For example, when I studied at Harlaxton College in England three years ago I took British and world history courses, despite my lack of interest in history. Because I was surrounded by a country rich with history and I was constantly taking tours with my professors, touching artifacts normally only found in textbooks and traveling around to see things we had discussed in class, these courses became much more relevant and exciting. I developed a genuine interest in learning even more outside of class, and I returned to the States with a much stronger appreciation for the British people, their heritage, and their country. This, after all, is what learning should really be like, right?!

Currently, I am studying at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Turkey, as part of a yearlong exchange program. I’m learning and doing what I’m passionate about for my education, personal goals, and future career. As a Broadcast Communications major with a concentration in Television and Film Production, I’m able to use this city of 15 million people as my classroom and workplace.

I collaborate with my professors to create independent video and photography projects, and each week I travel throughout Istanbul to do media work that (to me) isn’t work at all. The storytelling opportunities are endless, and I can visually share so many aspects of my overseas experience using my skills in photography and film production. These types of projects and assignments are what I simply love to do, and combining that with my education overseas is just one amazing part of the whole experience.

Arete contribution submitted by Nate Hovee.

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