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Hovee utilizes study abroad to network internationally

Here’s another post from Nate Hovee, an Honors Scholar studying abroad in Turkey.

I have found with each study abroad program that I’m often able to expand my future opportunities by networking with a variety of motivated, talented, and influential individuals from around the world. When I studied in Wellington, New Zealand, I dropped by the set of a television broadcast near the capital building. I spoke with a few members of the crew about my educational background and interest in media production. I ended up getting an invitation to sit in the control room.

Before the show went live on national television, I talked with the executive producer, a young American woman who just happened to be the former executive producer for NBC’s Today Show! Before I left the set that evening, the producer gave me her business card and encouraged me to contact her about potential work opportunities in New Zealand. I was so glad I took the time to simply observe, talk, and network with people in my field.

Now, I make an effort here in Istanbul to constantly socialize and network with students, professors, and professionals in the media industry and it really pays off. My favorite professor at the university is an international award-winning photojournalist from Italy, and I work closely with her on my own independent media projects. Thanks to this strong working relationship, I have already formed connections with a documentary film director and other professional photographers from Turkey and Western Europe.

In fact, because of other connections through my department at Yeditepe, this week I have started working as an assistant for a professional freelance photographer. I love that I’m getting international “real world” experience in Turkey’s largest city with someone in the industry. Because of opportunities like this, I’m able to network more effectively and make connections with individuals in many fields from around the globe.

As I said, studying abroad is so much more than what the name implies. From my own experiences, I know there are limitless opportunities and benefits from taking your education overseas. Customizing your education to make academics so much more exciting, relevant, and mind-opening is just one part of the global adventure that will reap lifelong rewards. The connections you make overseas and the self-confidence you gain by constantly networking with people of various nationalities and cultures are tremendous links to a successful future, whether it be in the United States or thousands of miles across the world.

Arete contribution submitted by Nate Hovee

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