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ALIVE Center offers internships for students in a variety of programs

WKU’s ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships is offering several opportunities for students to get involved in community and campus life this summer and fall.

Students can apply for any of four internships at the ALIVE Center, an organization that serves as the connection between the campus and the community. The ALIVE Center facilitates faculty and student efforts to combine life on campus with life in the community, particularly through service-related endeavors such as volunteer work.

The open positions include internships in Communications and Marketing and Digital Media and Design. Interns in these positions are generally chosen from Communications, PR, and Advertising majors.  Also available is a Community Partnerships Internship, and a Leading Service-Learning Teaching Assistantship. Interns in these positions are generally chosen from Social Work, Public Health, and Communications majors, though the internships are not limited to students in those fields.

Leah Ashwill, director of the ALIVE Center, stressed the importance of tailoring the internships to fit the students, particularly to ensure that students achieve success in their chosen field. She said the ALIVE Center is looking to provide the experience students want and will work with each intern to achieve that goal.

The internships could provide students with real work experience, and Ashwill explained that the ALIVE Center places a lot of responsibility on their interns. “We couldn’t do what we do without our interns,” she said.

These internships typically last for one semester, and because they are unpaid, the ALIVE Center would prefer that students receive course credit for them.

Students interested in applying can find descriptions of the internships on the ALIVE center website, and they can apply by sending an email with a resume and cover letter to the contact listed. Applications for both the summer and fall semesters are due by April 19.

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