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Davis blends eastern and western cultures through artwork

Two artistic traditions collided as sophomore Rebecca Davis of Bowling Green, Ky., discovered that Western Kentucky University’s Confucius Institute had chosen to feature her artwork as part of its “East Meets the West” exhibit. “I feel honored that my artwork can be viewed by the student body at WKU,” Davis said. “It amazes me that my life experiences might have a meaningful impact on other people as expressed through art.”

The Confucius Institute is a non-profit institution that aims to promote Chinese language and culture through children’s programming, training courses, cultural workshops and, most recently, art installations.

Davis, a Visual Art Studies major, said her recent collaboration with CI provided opportunities to not only interact with the student body, but to also convey a personal sense of self discovery.

Born and raised in China until age 12, the fusion of both cultures significantly influences her creative process. “My artwork draws upon life experiences in two very different cultures, and I think that has helped me find myself as an artist. I can be honest, and I can explore the importance of diversity.”

Davis hopes to have a capstone year to both study art at a Chinese University, and to participate in a professional Chinese internship.

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