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Mattingly receives Fulbright to study in England

Kelsey Mattingly, a senior from Louisville, worried when notification about her application for a Fulbright Grant was delayed.

A double major in Sociology and Art History, Mattingly applied for a Fulbright to the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. She had previously spoken with Dr. Craig Cobane about possibly getting a PhD in Edinburgh, Scotland. After hearing this, Dr. Melinda Grimsley-Smith, coordinator of International Scholarships for the Honors College, got in touch with Mattingly.

Mattingly said she didn’t see any harm in applying for a Fulbright, and she spent the summer writing drafts and meeting deadlines for the application. Mattingly said Dr. Grimsley-Smith and the Office of Scholar Development (OSD) were “very, very amazing and influential.” After Mattingly was notified that she made the first cut of grant recipients, the OSD helped Mattingly get ready for a phone interview by setting up a mock interview situation for her.

Mattingly received notification in March that she had gotten a grant for a year’s study in the Master’s program of Art History. Approximately six percent of students who apply receive an award, and only about 40 awards are given out each year for the United Kingdom.

While in England, Mattingly will concentrate on art space and locality or the effect that a specific location can have on an artist. She said that this is a “seamless” opportunity for her that involves studying ideas about art rather than a specific time period. This opportunity also coincides with her thesis, which focuses on the imagery of rural, Depression era quilts.

Mattingly said she has always been interested in art, and it has “always been something that was a huge part of [her] life.” She looks forward to going to England for the upcoming school year, which will run from late September to early July.

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