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Getting to Know Emily Gott

The 2013 Honors College candidate for Homecoming Queen cultivated her home in our Honors community. From attending H4 every year to planning Honors Club events, Emily said she is grateful for the opportunities for leadership and growth that the Honors College provides.

Emily has never run for a homecoming court before and thinks it will be cool to represent Honors because “everything about my college experience is surrounded by the Honors College,” she said. Seeing the size of the community and classes helped inspire Emily to find her place at WKU through the Honors College. The fact that everyone is interested in each other’s work and willing to help builds a sense of belonging.

Emily attributes her success in leading Honors Club, H4 and the Share-A-Swipe program to surrounding herself with like-minded peers as well as family and Honors College staff willing to assist and support her.

Thanks to the Honors College, Emily visited 6 different countries during her experience at Harlaxton and plans to study in Australia this Winter. She said the experience “helps you respect your own culture and appreciate the world a little more.”

Outside of Honors, Emily loves all things outdoors and is involved with playing flag football, soccer, and kickball and enjoys kayaking and climbing whenever possible. She also works at Mary Jane’s Chocolates, which she describes as more of a hobby than a job and offers business experience to accompany her Business Administration major.

In the future, Emily plans to gain experience working for a chamber of commerce before working towards a master’s degree. She wants to eventually open a coffee shop or café .

Emily is a Bowling Green native who went to Bowling Green High School. The Gott family won 2011 WKU Family of the Year, as Emily’s older brother is a WKU alum; her younger brother is in the Gatton academy; her mother, Mrs. Ellen Gott is a Certification Officer in Teacher Services; and her father, Dr. Tim Gott is a Director of the Gatton Academy.

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