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Mayor Speaks With Citizen and Self Class

Making a difference is about rolling up your sleeves and getting to know the community. This was the message of Mayor Bruce Wilkerson in his visit to Honors 251: Citizen and Self on Monday, March 17.

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Wilkerson first explained the structure of Bowling Green’s city government. He then told the story of his decision to run for public office after two decades as a police officer.

Wilkerson wore out two pairs of shoes and knocked on more than 6,000 doors over the course of his campaign. When asked about his proudest moments as mayor, he drew attention to the details of city governance. He said fixing potholes and improving traffic flow impact the stress levels of Bowling Green’s residents and make him proud.

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City government should listen to voters and carefully allocate tax dollars, not aspire to manage people’s lives, Wilkerson said. When asked for suggestions for everyday citizens he emphasized that WKU students should feel empowered to get involved in the community now, not just after they graduate.

Citizen and Self is a required part of the Honors curriculum which asks students to think about how their academic work at WKU relates to their responsibilities as citizens and community members. Wilkerson was one of several guest speakers this semester.

Mayor Wilkerson receiving his certificate of appreciation from the class

Mayor Wilkerson receiving his certificate of appreciation from the class

Following Wilkerson’s presentation, Honors 251 instructors Terry Shoemaker, Dr. Elizabeth Gish, and Dr. Alexander Olson presented the mayor with a certificate of appreciation. Wilkerson also took time to speak with students individually.

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