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Honors College Hosts Kentucky Honors Roundtable

Over the weekend, WKU hosted the Kentucky Honors Roundtable Conference. Students from different Honors Programs/Colleges in Kentucky attended the conference. Those universities included Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Murray State University, Northern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and Western Kentucky University. New to the conference this year was Henderson Community College, which just started an Honors Program. The conference was September 26-27.

This year 88 students presented at KHR. The Honors College had 33 presenters. KHR gives honors students a chance to share their research with other students.

Elizabeth Gribbins was one of the presenters and played with the Symphony Friday night for the event. Gribbins said, “The Symphony performed our first major concert of the season at Van Meter on Friday evening with guest singers who performed on Broadway. It was a Broadway classics based performance, and we had a wonderful time working with them. On Saturday morning, I presented some preliminary data from my Honors Thesis on the affects of percentages of women in government on policy. It was a great experience to get to hear other Honors students from across the state discuss their research as well and see what they are doing as part of their undergrad studies.”

Shelby Rogers said, “I presented about my thesis, an adaption of Jane Austen’s ‘Lady Susan.’ I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It gave me ample practice in a comfortable setting, and I hope to eventually present my thesis upon completion at a larger conference. It was good to see what students from other schools were doing in their research. After my presentation, I spent time bouncing ideas for further research topics off of students from other schools.”

Another presenter, Barrett Rogers said, “Any experience that involves public speaking is likely to involve anxiety as well. Sweaty palms and blackouts are probably common among any student who is giving a presentation but I felt abnormally queezy when I stood up to present my research. Abstract thoughts were uncontrollably swirling around in my head. An interesting thing happened while I was presenting, though. Despite the absent-minded stares I received from a few in the audience, it became obvious by the number of furrowed eyebrows that some listeners were interested in what I had to say. As I would later realize, this motivating moment was the highlight of my day. A simple reminder that my project is worth sharing is just what I needed.”

KHR occurs every semester and is held at the Kentucky Universities that have an Honors College/Program. If you are interested in presenting in the spring or would like more information, contact Dr. Leslie Baylis at leslie.baylis@wku.edu.

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