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Getting to Know Shelley Spalding

The 2014 Honors College Homecoming representative is Shelley Spalding. For Shelley, the Honors College has provided her with experiences that she will never forget.

Shelley is a history and Spanish major from Lebanon, Kentucky. She first visited WKU at the encouragement of her sister. She liked the educational challenge that the Honors College offers. On campus, Shelley is an Honors Topper, a Spanish tutor, a bible study leader with CRU, and a writer for the Talisman. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do after graduation, but she has thought about going to Argentina to teach English.

Thanks to the Honors College, Shelley was able to study abroad at Harlaxton. While there she was able to visit Ireland, Spain, and Italy and travel all throughout England. She was also able to go on a church retreat with British students. Shelley said, “It really was a dream come true for me.”

Within the Bowling Green community, Shelley has done ESL tutoring and is involved in the Christ Fellowship.

So far, Shelley has really enjoyed being a part of the Homecoming court. She said, “It has been really fun. It’s really about all of the experiences.”

Some of Shelley’s favorite non-school topics are Harry Potter and Disney. Her favorite Disney princess is Anna from Frozen, and if she had gone to Hogwarts, she would have been sorted into Hufflepuff.

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