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WKU Honors College to Offer Exciting New Course

Beginning Fall 2013, the Honors College will be offering Honors 380: Trends Shaping Our Future. Unlike conventional courses, Honors 380 will offer students the unique opportunity to study our society 30-50 years in the future.  The course is open to students of all majors who are in the Honors College or have a GPA of 3.2 or higher, and have
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Chinese Flagship program offers numerous opportunities for scholars in any major

Dare Norman, a sophomore in the Chinese Flagship Program at WKU, recently addressed her peers and professors in Mandarin, while they ate Chinese food and discussed integrating the Chinese Flagship Program with the Confucius Institute. Norman, a Musical Theater major from Bowling Green, spoke about her trip to China. This study abroad experience is just one of numerous opportunities offered
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Honors scholars to travel to Ecuador for spring break

Over Spring Break Dr. David Coffey will be traveling to Ecuador with a group of scholars, including six Honors scholars. Coffey will be teaching a twelve-day course entitled Developmental Issues in Highland and Amazonian Ecuador (AGRI 475).  During their time abroad, the group will travel to Quito, Otavalo, Pillaro, Ambato, and Puto, Ecuador. They will be exploring the differences between
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Winter Term offers the perfect time to study abroad

If you’re dying to study abroad but don’t have time during the summer or semester, studying abroad for Winter Term may be the perfect solution. Though vastly underrated, studying abroad during Winter term is said to be one of the most economical and rewarding study abroad opportunities available. In fact, according to Sarah Fox, who recently studied abroad in Cuba
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Gish to host lecture on sexual purity in the United States

This Thursday, WKU has the honor of hosting a lecture from Professor Elizabeth Gish. Gish holds a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School and will complete her doctorate this May with a thesis pertaining to the sexual purity movement in the United States.  She is exploring concepts such as religion’s position in the public sphere and the influence
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Honors Salon first meeting a success

The inaugural meeting of the Honors Salon at WKU was a success. This informal discussion was hosted and moderated by Wolfgang Brauner, an advisor at the Honors College at WKU. The scholars discussed the Internet and its impact on the way that we as a society learn and live.  Of the nineteen scholars present, seven were WKU faculty members, including
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Honors scholar participates in the Kids’ Guernica International Peace Mural Project

Arete contribution submitted by Kali O’Rourke When Megan McDonald first heard about the Kids’ Guernica International Peace Mural Project, she thought the project would be too big for her CE/T. Now almost a year later, she receives calls nearly every day about displaying the completed mural. McDonald, an elementary education major from Louisville, worked with fifth grade students at Hartstern
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Honors scholars post journal entries from Cuba

The journal entries written by a group of English scholars who traveled to Cuba over Winter Term have been posted.

Honors Scholars to participate in concrete canoe competition

If I were to ask you to close your eyes and imagine a team of students paddling a canoe, you’d probably imagine them paddling a canoe made from wood, fiberglass, or maybe even aluminum. Most people wouldn’t close their eyes and imagine a team of students paddling a concrete canoe down the river. That is exactly what will be happening
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The Honors Salon

Wolfgang Brauner, an advisor at the Honors College will be hosting a monthly discussion group beginning in February. The Honors Salon will explore and discuss various ideas, beginning with the question- “Is Google Making Generation F Stupid, Smarter, or Neither?” This discussion may somewhat overlap with Brauner’s colloquium course- The Web’s Impact on our Mind and Future. While living in
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