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A Record Breaking H4

190 honors Freshman, the largest group ever, eagerly awaited a week of team building games and connecting to WKU at Deer Run for H4 2013. Campers were separated into North, South, East and West groups, which competed against one another for the H4 Spirit Stick. This year, South showed the most spirit, earning them the Spirit Stick for the first
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Honors scholar participating in Semester at Sea

Honors scholar, Hayley Wilkins is currently participating in Semester at Sea. Wilkins spoke highly of her journey thus far and said, “It has been an incredible experience to be in such a different community of people from all over the world and to be thrown into a completely new culture in Japan.  I am so thankful to be having this experience.
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Honors Scholars to participate in concrete canoe competition

If I were to ask you to close your eyes and imagine a team of students paddling a canoe, you’d probably imagine them paddling a canoe made from wood, fiberglass, or maybe even aluminum. Most people wouldn’t close their eyes and imagine a team of students paddling a concrete canoe down the river. That is exactly what will be happening
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Community flourishes in Honors residence hall

Community bonds grow strong in Minton Hall, the Honors freshman residence hall. Read one student’s account of becoming involved in the Honors community.


See photos from the annual Honors Club Mix ‘n’ Mingle.

Video: Hemingway & Faulkner course leaves the classroom

An Honors English class spent two days in Chicago visiting sites relevant to the early years of Ernest Hemingway’s life. “Hemingway & Faulkner”, a course offered each fall, also visits Oxford, Miss., the home of William Faulkner.

Video: Community starts early

H4, the Honors Freshman Orientation Retreat, is held each August to welcome new Honors students into the Honors community. Registration information is available early in the summer.

Whitney Montgomery represents Honors College during homecoming festivities

Glitter. Sequins. Pompoms. Brightly colored Mardi Gras masks. Chaos. Kids. And the WKU Homecoming Queen candidates were in the middle of it all. Among them was the Honors College’s own representative, Whitney Montgomery.

Honors Student Balances Studying and Cheerleading

Honors student Emily Bouchard spends her time outside the classroom as a member of the WKU cheerleading team. (Read more…)

Students Dine with Professors

Ten professors and deans opened up their homes for dinner with the Honors College class of 2015. (Read more…)