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Honors scholar participating in Semester at Sea

Honors scholar, Hayley Wilkins is currently participating in Semester at Sea. Wilkins spoke highly of her journey thus far and said, “It has been an incredible experience to be in such a different community of people from all over the world and to be thrown into a completely new culture in Japan.  I am so thankful to be having this experience.
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Greetings from Turkey

Hey! I’m Nate Hovee, and I’m proud to be a senior (5th year) Honors student at WKU. I’m currently majoring in both theatre and broadcasting with concentrations in acting and TV/ film production. My original hometown is Portland, Oregon, so I’m quite adventurous by nature. Now I live in Paintsville, Kentucky, though I’m hardly ever home enough to call it
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Cody Hutchins, C.Y. Tung Scholarship Recipient

Arete contribution submitted by Abby Ponder One of the many study abroad opportunities that the Honors College at WKU presents is Semester at Sea. Through WKU’s partnership with the University of Virginia, students in this immersive experience can travel the world on a luxury cruise ship. The program takes students to various destinations, ranging from Japan, China, Vietnam, Ghana, and
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Jumah Cola Time to Drink

Arete contribution submitted by Amber Thompson Jumah Cola Time to Drink sheds light on how war is “new modern art” through the eyes of Jumah, a Muslim-American soldier fighting in a fictional American occupation of India by America.  The play takes the idea of “the commodification of natural resources” and the question of “how two cultures treat something as basic
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Honors homecoming candidate

Arete contribution by Kali O’Rourke The weekend of October 20 was filled with homecoming festivities, and The Honors College at WKU was proud to be represented by their homecoming candidate, Jessie Parks. Parks is a senior from Bowling Green, Ky., and is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Biology. She intends to go to graduate school and earn a
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Honors scholar named Guthrie/Mayes Public Relations Student of the Year

Read about Bowling Green junior Drew Mitchell’s achievement and how he will be spending his summer here!

Big Red appears Ellen thanks to work of Honors scholar

Arete Contribution by Brittany Moster He’s the mascot we all know and love, and now the rest of America knows him, too—and it’s all thanks to Ellen DeGeneres and Shelby Rice. On Feb. 27, DeGeneres’ showed clips on her television show of people sneakily dancing behind others, and one of the dancers was Big Red himself.  Had one student not
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Scholar transitions into role in Teach For America

Arete Contribution by Amber Thompson Throughout her four years at WKU, Amy Bishop has set a positive example for other Honors students.  By serving as an H4 counselor, being a pioneer student for WKU in their partnership with the Semester at Sea study abroad program, and gaining confidence through other leadership roles, Amy epitomizes what it means to be an
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WKU students bring leadership to Harlaxton College

Arete contribution by Shelley Spalding How about a spot of tea, a quick game of cricket, a trip to the local village, and a lecture on England’s “Glorious Revolution?” It’s all in a day’s work for the Honors College students studying at Harlaxton Manor in Grantham, England. One of those students, Justin Wellum, a sophomore from Louisville majoring in biochemistry,
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Will Meredith: a singing, dancing scholar

Arete contribution by Brittany Moster What acts, sings, directs, has created an original play, and speaks Chinese?  It’s not a what, but a who, and he’s a member of the Honors College at WKU. Will Meredith, a senior from Bowling Green and a musical theatre major, has done all this and more during his time at WKU, and he accredits
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