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Honors in the News: April 1

As a part of his Capstone Experience/Thesis project, Bowling Green Senior Stephen Tabor, a performing arts major, directed a musical with performances Monday and Tuesday. Sophomore Kaitlyn Fouts and freshman J. Morgan Shaffo, along with several other Honors students, were part of the production. Read more about the musical in a Herald article. Hawesville, Ky., junior Billy Stephens is campaigning
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WKU Dance Around the World

If you thought that courses in the Honors College at WKU were simply about exploding chemicals and documenting results in a lab or sitting in a dull classroom and debating the philosophies of people from a millennium ago, it’s time to think again. (Read more…)

Mix N’ Mingle 2010

A gallery of photos from the Honors Club Mix N’ Mingle (Read more…)