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Katie Meek, Class of 2014, shares her love of photography while studying abroad in England

Katie Meek, like most students in the Honors College, is trying to make the most of her study abroad experience but she is not the only one who gets to enjoy her adventures. Meek, a sophomore photojournalism major from Elizabethtown, Ky., is keeping a detailed photo blog while she travels around Europe as a part of her time at Harlaxton
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Harlaxton College welcomes largest class from Honors College at WKU

Today, 36 scholars embark on an adventure that will leave them with outstanding memories for the rest of their lives. Since 2007, the Honors College at WKU has been sending students to Harlaxton College in Grantham, England for study abroad experiences like no other. This semester, there will be more WKU students at the Victorian manor house than ever before.
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Harlaxton College Benefactor Recognized at Honors College

The Honors College at WKU is proud to present a Key to the College for John C. Schroeder, former Chair of the Harlaxton Committee. (Read more…)

Honors in the News – April 8

A weekly roundup of Honors students in the news. (Read more…)

Honors in the News: March 18

Senior Charlie Harris, co-founder of the WKU Americans for Informed Democracy chapter, told the Herald that WKU is close to being designated a fair trade university. The signing of the declaration could happen before the organization hosts the United Students for Fair Trade National Convergence conference this weekend. Sophomore Tessa Duvall shared the lessons she’s learned so far while studying
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Semester at Sea: Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop shares her experiences studying on a cruise ship and traveling the world for a semester. (Watch video…)

Honors in the News: Feb. 18

Honors students Lusie Cuskey and Stephen Tabor acted in “Facing East” put on by the WKU Department of Theatre and Dance. Read about the play in a Herald article. Honors senior Laura Leigh Zimmerman is one of several accounting students helping students, faculty and staff prepare their taxes. Read more about the free service they offer in a Herald article.
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Honors in the News: Feb. 11

Senior Charlie Harris, co-founder of WKU’s Americans for Informed Democracy organization, talked with the Herald about new recycling initiatives on campus. The HonorsToppers, the Honors College’s student recruitment group, are gearing up for their annual trivia bowl. Read more about the plans on the Herald’s website. Junior Stephani Staci is spending the semester at sea, learning aboard a ship, and
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Honors in the News: Feb. 4

Sophomore Tessa Duvall, who is studying abroad in England at Harlaxton, wrote a column about her experience thus far for the Herald. So far, experiencing Europe trumps learning, but it sounds like that’s about to change. Junior physics majors Jacob Baxley and Schuyler Wolff were recently welcomed into Sigma Pi Sigma physics honors society. Read more about their accomplishments in
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WKU Dance Around the World

If you thought that courses in the Honors College at WKU were simply about exploding chemicals and documenting results in a lab or sitting in a dull classroom and debating the philosophies of people from a millennium ago, it’s time to think again. (Read more…)